Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday, December 15, 2014

DIY Wedding: Wedlibs

To keep the guests entertained while others were getting their food at the buffet, we had Weblibs on the tables along with these super cute pens that had our caricature on them.

This barely counts as a DIY since they were premade by Love vs Design.
I just printed and used my paper cutter to cut them. 

The super cute pens are from vistaprint.

Monday, December 8, 2014

DIY Wedding: Crepe Paper Flowers and Gold Glitter Centerpieces

I was definitely going to have paper flowers at my wedding. 
I originally thought they would be these
Until I found these.
And fell in love.
Photo Credit: Racheal of Lady of Light Photography

Monday, November 24, 2014

DIY Wedding: Crepe Paper Bridal Bouquet

Photo Credit: Racheal of Lady of Light Photography

I knew from the very beginning I wanted a paper flower bouquet.  Well that was the plan anyways.  I first started by trying bouquets like these: here or these.  And I was liking the look of the anenomes with the black in the middle like this.

So I started by trying to make a bouquet that was white with black middles like the anenome one.  Here's what happened.  Thanks J for modeling the tiny first bouquet.

So obviously it had to be bigger, I made it bigger and didn't like it.  So then I thought maybe I'll just have a red rose bouquet it would be easier.  But as I started making the magenta crepe paper flowers for the centerpieces  I thought it would be awesome if I did these with black centers for my bouquet and ivory ones for the bridesmaids.  The first try was a 6 inch Styrofoam ball, it looked too big and kinda weird.

J was on the phone with his sister and he described it as the size of a basketball, so I knew it was TOO big. 
So I got a smaller Styrofoam ball, ripped out all of the flower gently and glued them into the new ball. 
I took pictures and they looked EXACTLY the same :|
It took a minute but I realized, bouquets are not balls of flowers, they are flowers on the top and stems on the bottom so it should look like more of a half circle. 
I ended up finding that Michaels had bouquet holders for this very purpose, so I ended up buying that part and redoing the whole bouquet...
I liked that it had the stem look on the bottom, even if it was fake. 

I made the flowers following the instructions from this post on 5inch pieces of a 1/4 inch dowel and actually ended up all magenta no black in the middle. 

I placed the flowers where I wanted them in the styrofoam. 
Then I pulled the flowers out and used my favorite Elmers Craft Bond glue to fill up the hole and put the flower back in. 
I spaced out some random white flowers and greenery. 

And here's how it turned out. 
these photos are by Racheal of Lady of Light Photography.  
She's amazing, check out her website!
I did the bridesmaids bouquets similarly, with a different kind of flower holder.  And hot glued fake ferns to the handle part to cover it up.