Monday, December 10, 2012

Felted Ball Garland

Deck the halls with balls of feeelt!!! hahaha. There is a reason they were at one time ALL over the house, I'll explain in a second.  After you take a moment to see the silly face J is making in the top picture, on the bottom right :) I think he just took a sip of coffee ha!
So I saw this pin on Pinterest, and decided I NEEDED a garland.  I thought it was just poms, but decided to go with it when I realized I would have to felt my own balls (cracking up at that older sis?)

Anywho, I searched for some instructions on felting balls and found this tutorial from Design Sponge.  That blog spells it out for you, in pictures.  It's awesome and super helpful.

Then I had to find the roving (yarn before they spin it into yarn).  Only actual yarn stores carry it.  I dragged J to a yarn store to get some.  He was a good sport so we went next door and got him a beer after...moving on.  I got these colors...
I got 1 ounce each, which was $2.25 for each color.  I have been able to make 20 felted balls with each color and have a tiny bit left over.

So basically, you "rip" the roving into smaller pieces, I did about 4 inches long by an inch wide.  I then made a little knot.  Like this...
I then, wrapped those pieces around the knot, and wrapped one or two 4 inch by 1 inch pieces around that, kind of forming a ball.  Then, you dip the kind of formed ball into hot soapy water.  I had a smallish bowl and  had a little bit of Dawn Dish soap (maybe 1/2 teaspoon), and about 2 cups of water.  

So then you roll the wet kind of formed ball in your hands.  But lightly.  If you press too hard it may come out lopsided.  Also the lady at the yarn store told me this was so easy Kindergartners do it (when I was telling her I wasn't sure how I was going to form the felted balls because I had not ever done it before).  Maybe Kindergartners enjoy it more because they don't care how the ball comes out.  

I thought it was a simple concept, but not that simple to do.  I had several balls that as I rolled it they weren't really forming a ball so much as a squiggly ugly thing.  I had a couple that they didn't really meld all the way around.

Here's one of each color.  

I left them out to dry for a whole day and since it's been so cold they didn't dry.  I threw them in a sock, lightly knotted the sock and put them in the dryer.  They came out a little more fuzzy and a little more dry.  I was done waiting so I strung them. 

This picture is a lie. *gasp* I know.  I took this before I started, the plastic needle did nothing except maybe dent my felt balls.  I eventually went back to Joann's and got a metal one which worked perfectly.  I strung them on Natural colored Sugar n Cream baby yarn.  

So at first I strung 10 of each color on one piece of yarn...not in a specific order, but I used one of each color before using the same color twice. 

Then I was like, let's take some super cute artsy pictures...

ANNNND tangle them all up.  :| it was so bad, I sat there for 20 minutes trying to untangle it.  It didn't happen.  I cut the yarn and undid it ALL.  Awesome. :(

So I decided when I redid it, I would just do 16 balls on each string (2 of each color), and to make sure they didn't get tangled as I finished each string, it got hung up somewhere in the house.

Just until we actually got our Christmas tree...
you can see the Felt Ornaments I made too! (post coming next week)
The tree is a little less decorated than I would like, but I tried putting up the regular ball ornaments I had and they looked funny with the felt stuff so I guess I have to get/make more ornaments that match...
 Here they are with a simple bell ornament I made.  So simple, I tied a bow on the top, that was it. 
Also, Damien "helped" when I was trying to water the tree. 
 I said my supervisor needs to get off of my back...hahaha
Now, J and I have been discussing and prepping the game plan on storing these lil garlands...we don't want them to get all tangled again...


  1. He's doing the zoolander: blue steel look! hahaha! your's turned out way better than mine!

    1. J says, "Is there anything more ridiculous than being really ridiculously good looking?" :)

  2. They look so cute! I really like how they bring the pretty colors to the tree. And both pups are looking adorable!

    1. I really like the colors too, I didn't really do very many ornaments because the garland added so much already!

  3. What a fun garland idea. And your little helper is the cutest!! Thank you so much for linking up to our party!!

  4. Your garland is beautiful! I love all the colors that you says Christmas without being too serious. I have been wanting to try felt balls for a long time and now I think I will definitely have to give it a try. It even looked cute just hung around the house! Found you through Show and Share over at Southern Lovely!

  5. Hi, Teenah

    I love the garland and it's so easy to make. Thanks for sharing. By the way, thank you for stopping by my blog today. I appreciate it. Have a great Thursday!


  6. Loved these - also it's the first time I've actually seen how felting is done - it's something I want to know more about in 2013. Thanks for starting off the process.

    Have a great holiday. Isobel from

  7. Hi there!!!! I LOVE this project. so cute!!! Your blog is great too. I'm hanna and I am your newest follower:) Nice meeting you:) Yo can find me any old time at

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! xoxoxoxo Hanna

  8. Those are cute.I have some roving that I've been wondering what to do with for awhile.To store it,you could wrap it around an empty wrapping paper tube.

  9. These are so cute, I am pretty sure I would keep them up year round!! I like them. A lot.