Monday, December 3, 2012

Yarn Christmas Trees

I'm super happy with how these turned out...aren't they cute?

In preparation for Christmas I've been checking out DIY Christmas decorations on Pinterest.  I saw this pin from a blog called A million little things.  So it was from that picture that I got this idea, I didn't actually look at the blog (I usually get all excited and just go for it, which is sometimes a problem...sometimes it works out though), just developed my own plan for what I was going to do.

Christmas tree foam mold
green yarn
ribbon (for garland tree)
poms (for pom tree)
some kind of star or tree topper
hot glue
patience :) just kidding, sort of, I'll explain later. 

The stars I got for the top of the tree were mini ornaments with an extra point for the hook, I put hot glue on that extra point, and stuck it in the top of the tree.  Then, I taped the yarn to the bottom of the tree mold and started winding it.  This is what you need patience for.  It doesn't really take that long, but it's still a pain.  It was more difficult with the larger tree (as you can see above there are some breaks in the yarn :| )

Then the lil pup thought he'd be "helpful" I guess that yarn smells very interesting.  

Once I got to the top of the tree, I did some loose layers to cover up the top of the foam and the bottom of the star and wound back down, but spaced out how you would a garland, you could do another layer of the yarn to close up the openings but I didn't have that much patience. 

For one tree, I simple wound some glitter ribbon I had along the green yarn "garland."  Simple and beautiful...and bling-y! :)

The other tree, I hot glued poms on it.  
the sisters liked the pom tree better, I like them both, and how they are different and not all matchy matchy. 

I'm really loving those dollar section (at Michaels) dancing figures, they are very cute!  However, I did agree to make the lil sis a tree if she knit/crochets me a lil snowman for that it will be even cuter with that guy! 
Didn't these turn out really cute?  I think so.  I did the two of these in a couple hours and it probably only took me that long because I was working on it in between another project...

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I'm excited to have the Christmas decorations come's fun rediscovering what kind of stuff you have...especially the stuff you bought on clearance last year after the holiday and just put away...then forgot about.  It's like Christmas at the beginning of December! :)


  1. Love it! thanks for making me one! B even noticed and complimented me on my craftiness. I had to admit to him that you made it, not me. haha!

    1. Well I did make you glue your own poms so you can take credit :)

  2. Aww they turned out really cute! I can't wait to see all the rest of your fun xmas decorations!

    1. thanks friend! I'll have to do a post to show you...

  3. Both trees are really cute. I love the one with the little pom poms the most. Very Cute!

  4. Great - and different, which is always nice to do I think! Dropping by having just linked up to this party. Will be following you: hope to see you back with us at sometime soon too. Isobel

  5. Too cute!! I'm so glad to be following you, love your blog:)


  6. Now that's a great idea and 1 I might have to try.
    New follower here.
    Angie @